Fine spirits  

Participate in doing more

Home-made fine spirits became our hobby-adventure-experiment, incorporating various skills of our members. We didn't expect such an insteresting and promising development of the idea "What if we try separating and isolating food flavours to produce tasty drinks?"

Some of us hadn't been in the habit of drinking strong alcohol (except some old cognacs, sometimes) before we suddenly started obtaining something unique. "Damn, it's really good! It's better than anything I've tasted before!" The cognacs were forgotten. We realise how boastfully it may sound, but it's true.

This hobby has changed our lives. Those of us who had used to drink strong alcohol stopped using any kinds of it except home-made ones. Not because of their price (in some cases our "home versions" had no financial advantage at all), but because what we could buy was just not competitive. "How do they manage to produce such repulsive liquors if even us can create something better?" 

Mmm… We don't mean wine and beer.

Well, we find no pleasure in getting drunk, so we use very small quantities ourselves, even including gifts and souvenirs. We can produce much more, since the procedure is quite short in comparison to the traditional production technologies. Currently we work on cheap and primitive equipment, and the work is easy enough, since we've got professional chemists and engineers among us.

We are excited about our technological success, proud of our inventions and surprized with how far our initial idea has gone. We see that much more can be done with systematic effort and better equipment.

We have a strong impression that our know-how can make a profitable business. We have no doubts in licensing and certification, because we really just use natural regular food industry produtcs. But we are neither businessmen, nor lawyers, neither we are good enough at logistics, we just can do well what we do. Yes, we can start our business from the very beginning, and slowly, step by step, make it work. But we understand it would take us too much time and effort, while an experienced specialists could be much more effective.

No, we don't mean selling the technology, neither we mean being hired as wage-earners. But yes, we are open for any fair and honest cooperation in making the wheels roll. We are not greedy, but we don't want to give out the profit just for the hell of it. We are thinking of any helpful cooperation from consulting to being incorporated as a branch of a fine spirits producer.

Anyway currently we keep proceeding on our own, and are open for offers and discussions at any stage.