Fine spirits  

What it is about

Lecker Muster is a non-registered trade mark, awaiting rebranding as soon as a whole business process is fully established, including production, packing, and marketing.

We make fine spirits based entirely on natural components, using our processing know-how to produce unique blends totally different from anything existing on the market. Our products have a flavorous, exquisite taste and a long, complex aftertaste.

We use mostly, but not only, simple products one could find in any foodstore, such as ginger, pepper, spices, and the like. But after the components get extracted and precisely isolated, the familiar flavours turn into into exotic and exclusive savours. At the final stage the essences are thoroughly blended, producing unrecognizable flavour compositions one could never taste or even think of before. You can read a bit more about our methods here.

Most of our products contain from 26 to 54 % alcohol and no or almost no sugar (just to be not too dry). There are several sweet liquors though.

Blending is the most sophisticated and important part of the process, so we have very few standardized recipes yet. But we are working hard on new formulas, so every week or two we get news.

You can find in the gallery what we have for now.